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I_Am_Back post… and a webapp idea

I’ve had an extremely nice two weeks, and have come back fully rejuvenated. Not once during the two weeks did I think of what’s on during my quarter. Now I guess I can restart all that.

Now I have an idea for a webapp. Something quite easily implementable on Google Appengine, I guess….

Let’s call it Don’tLiftMyContent!

It’s primarily supposed to be a service that checks if your blog’s or website’s content is being plagiarized elsewhere. Like, you give in your blog’s URL, and it gives you a list of pages that use your images and your text. And for this, it can use existing stuff like Google/Yahoo/Bing for text and TinEye for images. While the web search engines are reasonably good for text, TinEye doesn’t yet have such a comprehensive database of images, and this would probably be the limiting factor of the webapp.

I guess timestamps can be compared in order to eliminate sources your blog has plagiarized/borrowed from 🙂

Since this idea occurred to me just a few minutes back, all the existing work I could find are websites which enable teachers to check if their students are plagiarizing. I haven’t yet found a website which does this for blogs, and will be very glad to know if there is.

What say about the idea? Interested? We can code this together, if you want.

Food for thought: how will I know if someone gets the idea from this post of mine and goes on to create this webapp and not give me any credit at all? 🙂

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