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I’m not too well-versed with how machine learning works.

I’m quite interested in how works. So what happens? You have a topic, and a list of questions, and the problem is about ordering them in form of a tree so as to reach a solution in the most appropriate way, keeping other things in mind such as not asking someone how much they enjoy steaks if in a previous question they’ve mentioned they are vegetarian?

What are the issues involved here?Ordering of the questions strikes me as one. Another would be keeping a tab on generation of new topics (it seems to be totally user-driven). How do you try eliminating duplicates?

It seems to be a more dynamic and personalized Wikipedia model; So any argument about the unreliability of user-contributed information would be void.

I’d sure like to know more about the challenges involved in creating a site like this. Apart from of course, the computational power etc needed.

The topics now look like WikiHow or BlogThings topics. Sure hope it gets better with time. As I’m sure it will.

A friend of mine wondered if the day would come when the President of the USA would use to decide whether to bomb Iraq 😉

Advertisements has launched :) has been launched… got the link from The Noisy Channel.

It’s something called a ‘Decision Engine’. I didn’t know what that was until I saw it. So you type in a query, something you want to make a decision about. It then asks you questions, and on the basis of your answers gives you the decision. And also a list of pros and cons.

I haven’t played around with it much… but Ego asked it if he should go for a PhD. And then I asked it which laptop I should get. And which Britcom I should watch.

I’m not too impressed… but this is a great beginning.

I’m curious about how it works… still perusing this page. It seems to gloss over too much.

I’ll get home and post more on this.

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