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Creating IPhone Mockups using Adobe Fireworks

I’ve taken an introductory course in Human-Computer Interaction, and as part of it, I need to create paper prototypes of an IPhone app. We folks considered actually doing it on paper, as our instructor suggested, and decided it’ll be way too much of a pain. We found these rather useful links which told us how to use Adobe Fireworks for creating iPhone mockups.

First on is the link to download a trial version of Adobe Fireworks, or buy it, if you so wish. Here.

Then this toolkit by folks at Blogspark, where every element you need has been redrawn as a vector so that you can edit it to your heart’s content, copy-paste, drag-drop… here.

And finally, this video explaining how to go about making iPhone mockups using the toolkit. Here.

It’s really really easy. Even a total noob like me, who has no idea of what looks good and has no experience of designing goodlooking things on the Net could come up with rather slick-looking iPhone screens. It’s great that there’s a framework like Fireworks which is designed explicitly for web prototyping. Fifteen minutes into the video, and you should be able to figure out most things on your own.

Damn awesome. I’m using Fireworks much more often now.

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