About this blog

I read quite a lot about IR and the like, and I need some place to regurgitate and/or rephrase all that I read, so that I’ll be able to understand what I read better, and file it for future consideration. Hence this blog.

And… I’d also like to connect with people with research interests similar to mine, so that I can learn. And maybe pay it forward after I attain a certain level of competence in what I do.

About me: I’m interested in Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Web Search and all that that comes with it.

I like coding in Python – I like the amount of freedom you get to choose your coding style, from scripting to OOP. I also like the fact that the time required between design and testing is reduced considerably using this language.

I also freelance in SEO. You can use this contact form to get in touch with me.

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