Comeback. Again.

So this post will slightly deviate from the general tone of this blog. It is a tad more personal.

I’ve just come out of a phase of unstructured time where I really really wanted to fix short-term goals for myself, and failed miserably. At the end of it all, I watched Julie And Julia, where the lead protagonist uses her blog to set short-term goals for herself, while also using it to check off each goal achievement. I want to emulate that.

I am now interning at a research lab in the industry. I am deciding on a problem statement that will mostly involve some form of transductive transfer learning. I have a great work environment, and an awesome mentor who helps with the short-term goal setting.

In such a setting, I feel I should probably maintain a daily log of how things are progressing, so that I can refer back to these notes later when I want to know how to set goals and progress with research. I have a controlled environment now, and it’d be interesting as well as helpful to document my time here such that I can replicate it elsewhere.

Most of my work will involve previous work and data that’s in the public domain, so I don’t think it’ll be a breach of any contract or NDA to talk about them on a public forum. Though, I might choose to make the text unsearchable and hence make the posts hidden, while keeping the password public. Not many know of the existence of this blog, and this I guess would be a sane decision. I’ll anyway have to check with my superiors #TODO.

Alrighty. Next post possibly coming in another hour.


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