Monthly Archives: September 2009

Hopeful increase in posting frequency

I know no one is subscribed to this space. That’s a major demotivation in posting… especially because my other blogs clock atleast a hundred hits a day. And I’m not a good geek yet… I just take in information.

But now, I’m a graduate student at the Bren School at UCI. Hopefully I’ll regurgitate all that I learn there on this space. It might possibly help me later on.

But the workload doesn’t seem a cakewalk… oh, well, I’ll find time somehow or the other. All that matters is the interest. And who knows, it might turn out productive.

I have lined up a course in Probability Models, one in Human-Computer Interaction, and yet another in Artificial Intelligence. AI seems to be going to be an awesome course… our project is cryptogram solving. Literature survey needs to be done. ASAP. And… I guess that’s going to be work in progress for the rest of the quarter, with implementations on the side.

I’ll also be a Graduate Student Researcher this quarter. There’ll probably be lots of learning on that job. I’ll blog about it as regularly as I can.

So.. hopefully, there’ll be an uptick of posts on this blog. And maybe there’ll be more followers, more networking, more all that that comes with it.

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