has launched :) has been launched… got the link from The Noisy Channel.

It’s something called a ‘Decision Engine’. I didn’t know what that was until I saw it. So you type in a query, something you want to make a decision about. It then asks you questions, and on the basis of your answers gives you the decision. And also a list of pros and cons.

I haven’t played around with it much… but Ego asked it if he should go for a PhD. And then I asked it which laptop I should get. And which Britcom I should watch.

I’m not too impressed… but this is a great beginning.

I’m curious about how it works… still perusing this page. It seems to gloss over too much.

I’ll get home and post more on this.


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  1. Yeah I tested it out also and was not very impressed but apparently it learns so it should get better with time. We shall see.

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